It's a
Digital World

Contact/Follow us to learn about the latest 21st century free and purchased media options and the KPI's to consider for today's busy executives working in small business.

Affordable Software Development

If you have the courage to create you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to software development. From the very complex to the very simple, we offer insanely talented local developers, along with complete project management and affordable solutions to maximize efficiency.

21st Century Marketing Strategy

Marketing matters. When an up to date, affordable and actionable professional Marketing strategy is developed and executed, all your sales team has to do is facilitate the close. This simple revised workflow will help jump start sales.

"We Define Excellence and We Deliver"

Perkes Consulting Group (PCG) is proud of what we do. We are proud of how we go about protecting profits for today’s Small Business. We help clients increase revenue by implementing a 21st century marketing strategy and through affordable software development. We’ll be there every step of the way.