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Proud of what we do and how we go about doing it. PCG is a group of high integrity professionals with proven best in class expertise to share that will help grow your business. We deliver affordable and actionable strategy and solutions in a collaborative and casual manner. Most importantly we always remain available and accountable to our clients and to their results.

After working for a global giant, owned by one of the richest men in the world, I found my passion working in small business. The challenge to do more with less in small business is real and it’s every day. People in small business are passionate, authentic and hard working. I know the struggle to springboard sales without proper resources dedicated to technology and marketing…I lived it up until February of 2016. Finding affordable options to promote top line growth with limited resources is difficult for many small businesses. We can help.

Perkes Consulting Group (PCG) specializes in growing & protecting your profit through a unique combination of cost effective Custom Software Development and 21st Century Marketing Strategy. Our marketing strategies are actionable and will increase sales opportunities. Our technology solutions are affordable and limited only by your imagination.

PCG is comprised of extraordinary people who have consistently experienced remarkable success, in various Industries, throughout their career. We understand the unique landscape and we know how to grow small businesses. Does your Marketing Strategy call for a streamlined SEO/PPC campaign, Video Creation, Social Media outreach, Content Marketing, Account Based Marketing, a restructured Referral Program or maybe Print Ads, Tradeshows or Sponsorships? PCG will get you on the right track. We offer our clients the most accomplished and affordable small business expertise, strategy and partnership in the Midwest. We’re easy to talk to. Contact us and we’ll help take your small business to the next level.


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Barbara Perkes