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I worked for one of the richest men in the world before I found my passion in Small Business. In either scenario, however, one thing remained the same: The lynchpin of steady, consistent growth is always the result of an up to date, affordable and actionable Marketing Strategy. Often small businesses put the entire weight of making money on a small sales team. The constant pressure to meet quotas while also creating sales opportunities can lead to unintended consequences of sales people taking shortcuts and losing deals. If you are like most small businesses, the sales team works incredibly hard. Imagine if they started working incredibly smart as well. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t afford a refined workflow that includes professional marketing to kick start sales.

Small Business Marketing Strategy for the 21st Century (Free & Purchased Media Options with Marketing KPIs)

Marketing and Sales are two completely different skill sets. Attempting to turn sales people into quasi marketers or even worse - telemarketers - detracts from their intended purpose and skill set and creates frustration. Professional Marketing is not the very limiting “one to one” interaction of a sales person making cold calls. Marketing is not throwing out single cast after single cast hoping to get a bite. Marketing in the 21st Century, on the other hand, offers an abundance of “one to many” technique(s) that gets and keeps the fish jumping in the boat. This type of Marketing is what creates a steady multitude of quality sales opportunities. This allows your sales team to concentrate solely on becoming professional closers. This simple yet refined workflow will be the springboard to your company’s growth.

  • Do you understand your customers?
  • Do you understand the problem you are solving for them?
  • Do you know your competition and their alternative solutions?

Marketing proactively researches and solves for the above on a continual basis. Marketing positions your company in the right light to your target audience, often long before your salesperson even makes contact. Marketing is tasked with getting your ideal customers attention and generating a flood of good, quality leads through a targeted message that resonates. Marketing’s job is to keep the fish jumping in your boat so your sales team spends the majority of their day facilitating closes.

  • What is it that you love about the result your business brings to a client?
  • What is your ideal customer profile?
  • Why should your customer choose you? Would you choose you if you were them?

Marketing is tasked with answering these and many other questions and then presenting the answers in the form of consistent messaging in the channels where your customers live & breath that solve for your customers problems. Messaging should be framed in a way that resonates with your target market’s decision makers and that encourages buying in that segment. What Marketing channels and messaging will work for your company depends on your business model, Industry, your product strategy, your customer service strategy, your price, commodity or specialty offering, is it a low involvement or high involvement purchase, etc…Within 2 days we will gather this and other pertinent information from your team, filter it through our Marketing Matrix and deliver a custom and up to date 21st Century Marketing Strategy.


What is your LTV to CoCA ratio? What should it be? We know Small Business. In Small Business there generally aren’t very many management level specialists doing just one thing every day. Small Business employees tend to wear many hats. We know this first hand. We will help create, implement, track and maintain a professional Marketing Strategy and workflow - designed to increase leads and the conversion of those leads into sales - specifically for the very busy executive in the Small Business market. We take the information gathered from the 2-day strategy development meeting, filter it through our Marketing Matrix and include the results inside a Professional Communication Plan, complete with easy to understand initiatives, performance objectives, tactics and KPIs. We will also show you how to track Marketing ROI, which is the only way to keep Marketing accountable and for owners to know where to place their advertising dollars year after year.


We can help. I am fortunate to have enjoyed a successful Marketing & Sales career in Small Business over the past 25 years. You can read more in detail about these successes in the ABOUT US section of the website. However, it is my passion for Marketing as to why I started consulting and why I look forward to bring what has worked for me in the small business world, to you:

  1. Initial 2-day Marketing Strategy development meeting – Marketing Matrix/information gathering. Getting to know you with current sales/marketing lead and/or executive staff.
  2. Within a couple weeks we create and deliver a professional and comprehensive Marketing Communications Plan – complete with initiatives, performance objectives, tactics & recommended KPIs.
  3. We do offer a monthly plan to remain in touch and “on-call” with the in-house lead & executive staff, in order to answer any questions and to help guide the execution of the Plan. (Alternatively, we can present your team with the comprehensive Marketing Communications Plan and then step away allowing your in house team to drive the plan autonomously, as well.)

An up to date and actionable 21st Century Marketing Strategy is the lynch pin to any small business’ sales success and top line growth and it is now affordable to achieve. Let’s get those fish jumping in your boat and your sales team closing more deals. We are easy to talk too and I would be happy to meet with you for a complimentary consult. It would be an honor to learn about your business and to eventually help tell your story.

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