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Limited only by your Imagination


It is difficult to believe that when it comes to software development you are only limited by your imagination, but it is true. All you need to have is an idea and the courage to create. Here at PCG, we put our local and very talented in-house development team to work building our own cloud-based, custom software solution for the Home Healthcare and Retail Merchandising market called the Uninsured Driver Alert Service. Have an idea of how to make your or someone else’s business more efficient? Contact us and we will help you build it.

Custom software solutions help scale manual, repetitive processes through automation. Technology certainly helps to reduce costs and increase accuracy and efficiency, but most importantly, technology can also help to deliver a unique customer experience – one that your competitors may not be able to deliver. Differentiation is the key ingredient to maintaining higher margins and technology can help create that for your company.

PCG works currently with 2 local software developers. I have personally worked with them both on many projects in the private sector and on PCG’s very own commercial application, the Uninsured Driver Alert Service. We work in just about every language and the solutions we provide include IOS Applications, Android Applications and Web Applications.

Our software development method is iterative in nature. The work would be done in sprint's which allows for segmented sessions of development with the end goal of having a working piece of software after each sprint. This allows you to test and vet ideas in the software with ease and does not hinder the general flow of the application's development.

  • Utilize your industry expertise and our software and project management expertise. When done correctly, this process will allow you to continue running your business with as few interruptions as possible.
  • When implemented correctly, custom software will be tailored to your processes. This tailoring will result in improvements, but not massive overhauls, of your operations.
  • Remember, it’s a custom solution. Your business is unique; your workflow processes are unique. It follows that your workflow automation will also be unique. This potentially provides a competitive edge over your competition in efficiency and customer experience.

We can provide for complete project management, even if you have your own developer you choose to work with.

Have an idea for a software solution and never thought it was affordable? First steps would include accessing your business’ needs and determining the pros and cons. We’re easy to talk to and would be happy to meet with you for a complimentary consult at your convenience.

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